Mobile Opencraft

Break out your favorite classic server because here comes a brand new way to play Minecraft on the go! Mobile Opencraft makes use of Qt and C++, and is presently targeted at the n900 phone, but it can run on anything that has Qt. The mobile 2D client makes use of a block sheet derived from the excellent work of Doku, the latest of which can be located here. The texture shown in the following demos were edited by me slightly.

A video of the program in action:

The water route thing that I modified in the video as seen in the simulator. The solid blocks are at the current viewing plane, and the half faded ones are one level below. image1

The same image, but with the block selection menu open. image2

The same section, but this time we can see the effect in 3D. image3

A 2D view of my house. image4

Underground library. Everyone needs one, or five of these. image5

Not pictured is a chat window, and an options window that lets you switch between drag and paint, and tap to paint (no accidental dragging).

More content will be appearing here!