After a much too long release candidate period, OpenCraft 0.3 is now available.

The ditz changelog:

  • bugfix: Permissions glitch?
  • bugfix: UnloadCommand needs security
  • bugfix: Anti-aliasing
  • bugfix: Players can't reconnect
  • bugfix: Sand and Gravel Physics
  • bugfix: Spaztic Water
  • bugfix: LoadCommand needs security
  • bugfix: Server list shows inaccurate player count
  • bugfix: Bad policy file causes crash
  • bugfix: GCJ Errors
  • bugfix: Player Ghost
  • bugfix: Name Verification
  • bugfix: GenerateCommand needs security
  • Automatic level backups
  • Pixel Art Level
  • Alternate heartbeat server
  • Permission lists
  • Automatically unload worlds
  • Include LICENSE in the .jar files
  • Limit number of backups saved
  • Level type constants instead of strings
  • Trees
  • Run dos2unix
  • Ocean Flooding

For a complete overview of all the new features, please refer to the 0.3RC1 release page.

Once we get this desktop recording stuff figured out on a machine with some decent horsepower, we'll have a video up of the new physics.